Wauconda Baseball Softball
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Great! My child is registered and ready to get out there! But I feel like they would have a hard time out there without a mitt or a uniform, how do we handle that??

Your registration price includes a jersey for all players. For Spring seasons, we also provide a hat (for baseball players) and socks (for all players).

Fall Ball: Returning players should wear their socks and hat from the Spring. Players who have not played with us previously and do not have socks or a hat will be provided one.  If you are a first-time player for Fall or do not have a hat/socks, please reach out to your division VP for guidance on how to get a set.
Shetland - Pinto - Mustang - Bronco - Pony
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You will need to provide your own:

Pants – Grey for baseball, Black for softball. Younger levels (up to 10) may use pants with elastic/drawstring to help them stay up. Older levels should have pants with belt loops.

Cleats – Molded Plastic please, no metal. Some older players may wish to use metal, however many communities differ in their home-field rules. It is simpler to just use plastic.

Mitt – See below for sizing help.

Bat – See below for age and size regulations.

Athletic Supporter and Cup (Baseball) – Required for all male players Pinto and older. Recommended for Shetland.

Comfortable face covering – Players will not need to wear a mask while on the field, but they are recommended and encouraged any time players cannot easily socially distance such as in the dugout.

What else do you recommend buying?

Batting Helmet (Softball helmets must include a face mask) – Helmets will not be shared this year, but we have a limited number of “loaners” that we can provide for players to keep and use all season.

Belt – Black for baseball, Purple for softball.

Batting Gloves

Bat Bag

Pelvic Protector (Softball) – Recommended for all players.

Catcher’s Equipment & Glove – We are limiting the sharing of catcher’s equipment as much as possible. We recommend anyone who is interested in catching have their own set.

What kind of bat do I need?


Shetland and Pinto: Bat barrel width shall not exceed 2 1/4”

Mustang, Bronco, Pony: Bat barrel width shall not exceed 2 5/8”

Pony: Bat “drop weight” shall not exceed -5. Drop weight is printed weight, in ounces, minus printed length, in inches. A 32-inch bat that weighs 27 ounces is a “Drop 5” and is allowed. A 32-inch bat that weighs 26 ounces is a “Drop 6” and is not allowed.

Bats must have the USA BASEBALL stamp.


Bats must have the USSSA 1.20 BPF stamp.

Bat barrel width shall not exceed 2 1/4"

What size glove/mitt should my child use?

The player’s comfort and ability to handle the equipment is the most important factor to consider.

There are some guidelines that you can follow to help narrow down your choices (again, the player’s comfort and ability should be your deciding factor)

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